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5 Best 750W Power Supplies for 2021

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best 750w psus
best 750w psus

Looking to build a mid to upper-mid level gaming rig, or perhaps an equivalent workstation for content creation and editing? Then chances are that you are going to need a PSU with a power output of 750 watts; as it will more than suffice to power similarly demanding builds. But not all PSUs are created equal – there are many different key aspects that must be taken into account, for they can make or break your new PC’s performance.

Firstly, you’re going to want your PSU to have a 12 V rail that can sufficiently supply DC current to your CPU and GPU, as these power-hungry hardware components draw exclusively from the 12 V rail. Failing to supply the appropriate amount of DC current to consistently power your hardware could mean stuttering, freezing, and even startup inability.

Another crucial aspect to take into account when shopping for the proper PSU for your next build is energy efficiency. Luckily for consumers, a certification program exists which tells you exactly within what efficiency parameters each PSU operates under. This certification is named 80 Plus – due to 80% efficiency being the minimum required percentage in order to attain this certification – and 80 Plus offers additional ratings depending on the efficiency the PSU can reach above 80%. To be specific, the 80 Plus ratings range from bronze (82% to 85% at max load), all the way to Titanium (90% to 94% at max load) – with the basic 80% efficiency being named 80 Plus “White”. It is important to note that when PSUs are tested for an 80 Plus certification, they are done so under room temperature with an ample amount of airflow. Because an open room will usually not constitute a computer case, and since the higher the temperature of the PSU the less efficient it becomes, if you plan on building a small form factor rig – or if plan on using hardware than generally runs hot – it is best to buy a PSU one rating above what you would normally need. If you’re wondering what efficiency you do need, then the answer will depend on how much you will be using your PC and at what loads. For example, if you plan on casually gaming for a few hours a week after work perhaps, then a Bronze or Silver-rated PSU will suffice, whereas if you work from home or are an avid gamer, then Gold would best suit your setup. If you use your PC for workstation loads or game full-time (professionally or for fun) then it is best to invest in a Platinum rated power supply.

Another aspect you will want to be careful of when purchasing a PSU, is the noise levels which it emits. Firstly, you’ll want a fan that will not operate during low to medium loads, which means the PSU will be completely silent most of the time. When the fan does have to operate, you will want it to be as silent as possible. The bigger the fan on the PSU, the less it will have to spin to generate airflow, and the less noise cause. Also, the bearings of the fans play a role in regards to their resulting noise levels, so you should always prefer fluid bearings over rifle bearings, rifle bearings over sleeve bearings, and sleeve bearings over ball bearings. Magnetic levitation bearings make the least amount of noise, but are scarcely found on PSU fans.

For easier cable management within your case, a fully modular power supply should be preferred, for it allows you to only use the cables you need, and remove the ones that you won’t make use of. Semi-modular PSUs are such that only the peripheral cables are removable, and the essential cables are not, while non-modular PSUs will force you into cramming all the cables within your case – which is not ideal aesthetically, or in regards to airflow.

With all the above in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best 750W PSUs and have separated them into different categories depending on their 80 Plus ratings, as well as for their general use. In addition, we’ve also added an SFX option for those looking to build an SFF PC.

Best 750W Power Supplies – Our Recommendations

Best Budget 750W PSU


Not looking to use your PC too often, or seeking to purchase a PSU on a budget? Well, then a bronze rated PSU hits the sweet spot between low cost and high efficiency for low-use setups.

At under $100, EVGA offers a great quality PSU with an 80 Plus Bronze certification. EVGA is a great company to buy PSUs from due to their excellent customer services, as there are plenty of things that can go wrong with a PSU. This EVGA 750BQ model can muster up 62 amps (744W) on its single +12V rail.

The fan attached is 140mm in diameter, with “Teflon nano steel ball bearings” which EVGA states as offering both quieter operation and increased longevity; with decibels ranging from 35 to 40 dB at loads above 60%. Its “intelligent auto fan” will only run when necessary, so at low loads the fan will be inaudible. In terms of longevity, the 750BQ has a mean time between failures of 100,000 hours, and its purchase includes a 5-year limited warranty.

The cables are semi-modular, meaning that the peripheral cables can be removed and used only when necessary. The non-modular cables are fully sleeved, while the peripheral cables are unfortunately not.

Another great aspect of this PSU is the amount of protection it provides, with over and under voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, and short circuit protection.

The exact price of the EVGA 750BQ is currently just under $95, making it a great value option for its intended range of use.

Best 750W 80 Plus Gold Rated PSU

Corsair RM750x 80 Plus Gold

A leading manufacturer of power supplies, Corsair offers top of the line PSUs and sets a standard for quality and reliability. Corsair’s RM series of power supplies is their high-end consumer-grade models, with the RMx being a higher-end version of the regular RM – and surprisingly enough is actually currently selling at a cheaper price than its lesser counterpart. This Gold rated SU, the Corsair RM750x, offers efficiency levels upwards of 87%, and can output 62.5 amps on its +12V rail.

Its 135mm Corsair-designed fan makes use of low-noise rifle bearings, and its fan will not spin unless the power output exceeds 300W; therefore, at low to medium loads the fan will be completely silent. When the fan does spin, Corsair states that it will only reach between 20-22 dB… which seems too good to be true. The PSU is rated to last for 100,000 hours, and includes an impressive 10-year warranty.

The RM750x is fully modular, so all the cables can be removed and placed accordingly. The essential cables are sleeved, while the peripheral cables are not. It includes 100% high-end Japanese 105 °C rated Nippon Chemi-Con and Nichicon capacitors.

The Corsair RM750x is currently being sold for only $135, which is an excellent price and great opportunity to buy a high-quality Gold rated power supply.

Best 750W PSU for Gaming

Thermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus 750W

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you are probably going to want some extra RGB flare to accompany your PSU because… why not? Without sacrificing efficiency and quality, Thermaltake’s Toughpower iRGB Plus offers a stylish, and highly customizable, illumination display. This PSU can supply 62.5 amps through its single 12V rail, with a maximum output of its full 750 watts.

The fan included is 140mm in diameter, with 18 addressable LEDs and Thermaltake’s patented built-in “Riing Duo” design. The fan also features an anti-vibration mounting system and hydraulic bearings in order to assure a minimal amount of noise output when the PSU operates above low to medium loads. These hydraulic bearings also contribute to the PSU’s impressive 120,000-hour MTBF and 10-year warranty.

What’s even more impressive is the amount of control that this PSU allows. Its Smart Power Management cloud-based software compiles statistics about your PSU that you can review and manage from your PC – or even through a mobile app. This mobile app can also be used to customize the RGB lighting display for both colors as well as effects. These effects can be synced with Razer Chroma, and can even be modified via voice commands through Amazon’s Alexa. In addition, this software will give you an alert notification on your smart-phone if the PSU is running too hot (above 60 degrees C) or has an abnormal voltage level. You can even use your mobile phone to schedule a system shutdown remotely.

Like the aforementioned Corsair RM750x, this PSU also is fully modular, and includes 100% high-end Japanese 105 °C rated Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors.

This extra amount of style and control does come at a higher price, namely just under $175, but depending on your preferences it can very much be worth it.

Best 750W 80 Plus Platinum Rated Workstation PSU

be quiet Straight Power 11

The be quiet! brand is owned by German Listan GmbH and manufactures quality PSUs, CPU coolers, and PC cases with an emphasis on low noise emissions, as stated by their brand name. Their quiet 750W PSU is the Straight Power 11: a Platinum-rated PSU with efficiencies upwards of 90% and four 12V rails that can output 20 to 24 amps each, with a combined power of the full 750 watts of the PSU. The fact that it has multiple 12V rails is solely done as a safety feature, for they limit the current through each wire in order to avoid high temperatures within. There is no other actual advantage to multiple rails other than the added safety.

According to be quiet! their Straight Power 11 will operate between 8.6 and 20.8 dB at 20% and 100% loads respectively – which means it will virtually be inaudible from a foot away. This impressive metric is accomplished via their 135mm fan’s Silent Wings 3 technology: An optimized fan blade design, fluid dynamic bearings, and a 6-pole fan motor. To keep the thermals low, the PSU also features a wire-free design within, improving the lifetime of the components in the process. All the capacitors within the Straight Power 11 are high-quality Japanese components as well, assisting in its 100,000 MTBF. Finally, the unit is fully modular, and all its cables are fully sleeved.

You can currently find the be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum 750W PSU for $150, so if you value your peace and quiet, make sure to check it out.

Best 750W SFX PSU


When building a small form factor (SFF) PC it is always best to aim for a power-dense SFX PSU with a high 80 Plus rating to ensure that the PSU will not be emitting heat, as it will inevitably be close to other surrounding hardware. It is this surrounding hardware may in turn heat the PSU and affect its efficiency, so the fact that the Corsair SF750 has a Platinum rating makes it optimal to work even under higher thermal conditions. The single 12V rail here can output 62.5 amps and the PSU’s full 750W of output.

The fan on the SF750 is 92mm in diameter, is PWM controlled, and makes use of rifle bearings – much like the aforementioned RM750x. Also, like the RMx the SF750 has all Japanese capacitors and is fully modular; though unlike the RMx, the SF750 has flexible paracord sleeves fitted for each individual cable. It has an MTBF of 100,000 hours and includes a 7-year warranty. In addition, this power supply also includes an SFX to ATX bracket, so it can be fitted into an ATX form factor as well.

The Corsair SF750 can be found for $184.99 currently, and its price does fluctuate heavily, so if you find it at a good price do make sure to pick it up right away, since it is the perfect PSU for a small, but powerful, SFF PC.

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