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7 Smallest Mini ITX cases that fit a full-size GPU

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smallest itx cases that fit full size gpu
smallest itx cases that fit full size gpu

All computers used to be the size of a modern car wedged up against a wall, with no room for additional peripherals or even your chair.

While computers these days are much more conveniently sized, the idea that a bigger computer means more power still pervades every gamer’s thought. When you see a massive PC with glowing lights, your first thought is how well it can probably run Crysis.

However, as the mobile phone industry has shown, computers are getting smaller and smaller while still being incredibly powerful.

ITX cases are a great example of this; small motherboards fitting into a small case allow for an incredibly compact computer that fits wherever you want it.

But what are you to do if you want to make sure you can still play your games? What are the best ITX cases that can still fit a full size GPU?

Best Mini ITX Cases that fit a full size GPU – My Recommendations

1. NCase M1 V6

NCase M1 v6

Most computer parts designed today are done so from the confines of a boardroom. Business people and CEOs designing what they think they should be selling based on market projections and research data gathered other months upon months of irritating surveys.

But what if you designed it a different way? What if you found out what the people wanted by letting them make the decisions?

The mini ITX case by NCase, the NCase M1, is truly one of a kind when it comes to its development. Designed and funded entirely by crowdsourcing, every single element of its design and functionality were deliberated on by intense hobbyists and knowledgeable, regular users.

The result is, essentially, a shrunken down PC chassis that somehow manages to fit everything you could possibly need inside it.

With ample coolers and space for a full size GPU, this is the ITX case you should get if you want to pay homage to the skills and value contributed by the general community.

Plus, it’s basically like a normal case was hit with a shrink ray, so it looks really cool as well.

2. NZXT H1


The NZXT H1 is a really interesting mini ITX case because it manages to be a tall tower PC, while still remaining small enough to be called an ITX and Small Form Factor (SFF).

Perhaps even better, it comes pre-built with almost everything you need. It isn’t just the chassis and motherboard; the CPU, the port setups, and even the power supply are all built in and integral to the design. You just need to jam in whatever regular sized RAM cards and GPU you want, and you are ready to go.

This is the ITX case for those that want to stay as small as possible, but still have a glimmer of elegance and sophistication to its design. Plus, you barely have to do any work whatsoever, and who doesn’t love that?

3. Phanteks Evolv ITX

Phanteks Evolv ITX

For some people, making a move to a small ITX PC can be a bit daunting. They find the idea of trying to move to a teeny, tiny computer a bit scary; how will it fit all of my components? How is it going to handle the heat build-up?

For those that remain trepidatious about making the jump, you should consider the Phantex Evolv ITX.

The Phantex Evolv looks incredibly like a normal PC, with even the same kind of width to height dimensions, only just a bit smaller.

With enough space to fit in a regular GPU and a surprisingly large number of accessible ports, this metal exterior ITX chassis is decently heated functional and acts as a great way to get into the world of ITX PC cases.

It is roomy and incredibly accessible, making for a really convenient way to fiddle with your parts, and is thus a PC hobbyists dream SFF PC.

4. Dancase A4-SFX


There is always this idea these days of trying to shop local and to buy your stuff from the little guy. After all, why not prioritize shopping at smaller, more limited establishments to try and support small businesses, rather than the massive companies?

For those that want to shop small, the A4 SFX is the ITX case for you.

Designed by one man, this case was created entirely with the goal of being the smallest possible ITX case that can still fit a GPU. Designed to hold even the largest GPU, such as the behemoth that is the RTX 2080 Super, this case will mean you can slot your ultra high powered PC in whatever nook or cranny that you want.

Perfect for those with an incredibly limited desk space, this is the ITX case for those with nowhere to put anything, yet still want something powerful.

5. Silverstone ML08

Silverstone ML08

Every gamer is familiar with the shape and organization fo their consoles. Slotting that PS4 into the side of your monitor or TV was perhaps the modern equivalent of playing Tetris, and now that you’ve accomplished it, you are probably a master of it by now.

So if you want to keep up your console-slotting skills, you should take a look at the Silverstone ML08.

Designed to look like a vertical standing console, this is the ITX case for those that want to keep their PC up on their desk with them. Able to slide up against your monitor or fit snuggly into a sideways drawer, this ITX case is small, but still able to handle a full GPU.

While it doesn’t really come with anything other than the motherboard and case, it is easy to see how even larger cooling apparatus and computing components could fit in this strangely vertical PC case.

It even comes with a convenient handle to allow you to carry it to a LAN gathering or a convention!

6. Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

Corsair Crystal 280X

While the main delight of ITX cases is the fact that they can sort of wedge wherever you want them to, while still having the GPU and CPU power to game effectively, there is still a huge delight in some of the larger options.

The Corsair Crystal 280X RGB is a great case that almost straddles the line between ITX and regular ATX case design. Taller than it is wide, you are going to need to foist this one against the side of your desk, perhaps even using it as a bit of a coaster. But it is the perfect thing to get if you have a corner with nothing in it for it to sit comfortably in.

With some really gorgeous glass paneling and a beautiful RGB internal display, this is the ITX case for those that still want the dazzling wow factor of a modern PC case, but don’t have the width to fit them.

The only thing is that you’ve got no Type C USB 3.1s, but it’s a small price to pay for beauty.

7. Louqe Ghost S1


Scandinavia has always been inspirational when it comes to any kind of functional design principles. With the Louqe Ghost S1, that now applies to ITX cases as well.

With a sizeable volume of 7.3 liters, you’ve got enough space to store any full size GPU you’d like, as well as three drive slots.

However, the best part about the Ghost S1 is its modularity. Say you get one of these sleek beauties, but find that your cooling system or GPU is just that touch too big for its small size? You can imply use their Top Hat modulation to expand the total volume of your case. Effectively, Louqe has made an ITX case that comes in different sizes.

With some really great ventilation options and more choice than you could know what to do with, Louqe Ghost S1 is the perfect ITX case for those that want to tinker, change and update their PC as they go.

It even comes with a convenient handle to allow you to carry it to a LAN gathering or a convention!

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