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6 Best White PC Cases for White-themed Builds (ITX/mATX/ATX)

Best White PC Cases
Best White PC Cases

Components dictate the power of your rig, but the case you choose will define the overall size and look of your PC. While most gamers would agree that a PC is before anything a tool to provide a great experience, many users also want to enjoy how their PC looks and to showcase it on their desk or in their battlestation. Every PC needs to balance the power and the looks to create an overall great package.

And to add to the complexity, PC cases come in a variety of colors that are often the first thing we notice about a PC. While black is traditional, other colored cases are becoming more and more common. But even with all the colors to choose from, after black, the next most popular case is the color at the opposite end of the spectrum: white. All-white PCs are popular, with gamers shelling out a couple hundred extra dollars to select components that are all white and highlight a clean, minimalistic, elegant look.

So if you’re looking for an all-white rig, and you know that the case is one of the most important pieces in completing your new build, this guide will help you select the best white PC case available today that fits your specific needs. The biggest constraint on your case will be dependent on the size you are using: ATX, mATX, or ITX form factor. For each size, we’ll offer the best high-end and budget option for you to choose from based on build quality, features, and overall looks.

With those criteria in mind, here are our recommendations for the best white pc cases in 2020:

Best White PC Cases – My Recommendations

Best High-end ATX White PC Case


ATX remains the most popular form factor for PC builders, offering great features and thousands of possible builds with the variety of manufacturer products built to this ubiquitous standard. ATX builds are typically the easiest due to the having plenty of space within your case to work with, and are traditional for first-time builders that are not dead-set on minimizing the size of their rig.

Yet, even with so many choices for cases (even white cases!), there is one white case that stands out as being the most popular, performing great in reviews, and offering a very attractive aesthetic. You may have even read about it before on this site, and we see no reason to recommend anything else (if you can afford it!). We are of course talking about the Lian-Li PC-011DW Dynamic.

This case is beautiful. The multiple glass panels allow you to show-off your rig, the front panel integrates USB-C and regular USB-A connections, there are plenty of different configurations for fans to keep your components cool, and the build quality is top-notch. Reviews show that the 011 Dynamic offers great performance and is pretty quiet as well. This type of combination of performance, features, and looks is not common, which is why the 011 Dynamic has quickly become a popular choice for builds of all colors, and especially white ones. So unless you want to avoid a case that plenty of other people have also chosen, at the attractive price point of $129, we very much recommend the Lian-Li PC-011DW Dynamic as the best overall ATX white PC case.

Best Budget ATX White PC Case

NZXT H510 White Budget PC Case

Alright, so maybe there is another reason to avoid the 011 Dynamic. If you don’t think spending $129 on the case makes sense for your build, there is another popular alternative that looks almost as nice and has the same high-end build quality, at a much more affordable price. It may not have quite as good of airflow or keep quite as quiet, but the NZXT H510 is a lot of case for the very reasonable $70 price tag.

When comparing the two cases, both offer a striking design. The 011 Dynamic has a more transparent look thanks to its double glass paneling, but the H510i has the interesting white stripe interior, and still has the PSU shroud to avoid any untidy cable management. And with the near $60 savings, you might be able to upgrade one of your core components, like an RX5700 to an RX5700XT. In both cases (pun!), you are getting a stellar case, it just boils down to the budget you have allocated for your chassis and your particular aesthetic preferences.

Best High-end mATX White PC Case

Corsair Crystal 280X White PC Case

Maybe you have a build or two under your belt, or maybe you just want to keep your PC compact. You’re looking to build a lean, mean, elegant machine, so you’ve settled on the mATX form factor. Luckily, while not as popular as ATX or even ITX, the mATX form factor has plenty of great cases to choose from and offers a happy medium between the very space-concious, more difficult to build in ITX cases, and the big, heavy ATX cases.

Within the mATX case realm, airflow is a big concern. Putting your components close together means that the heat is more likely to build, so your cooling solution needs to be up to snuff in order to keep your PC running at its best. Manufacturers know this, and one in particular has stepped up to offer our recommendation for best high-end mATX white PC case: the Corsair Crystal 280X.

Corsair is a big name in the PC space, making all sorts of products that normally get great reviews. This case is no different. It may not offer the absolute best cooling performance (due to the front glass panel), but the side vents still allow for air to flow and with the right set-up on the top/bottom, you can keep your components plenty cool. And what you pay for in pure airflow performance, you more than get back in terms of design. The dual-chamber look (similar to the 011 Dynamic), is absolutely beautiful for avoiding ugly cables and keeps even the most powerful rig looking very clean. All of this within a compact high-quality construction, and for the not-ridiculous price of $170 (including two high quality RGB fans and fan hub), make the 280X a very strong choice within the mATX field.

Best Budget micro-ATX White PC Case

darkFlash DLM21 White

Now, $170 isn’t cheap, even with the inclusion of the fans/fan hub, and same as for the 011 Dynamic, you may be looking to invest more in your components and keep the PC case budget to a minimum. If that’s the case, you’re still in lock. Up and coming brand darkFlash (a budget producer of PC parts like cases and fans) has introduced a very attractive micro-ATX case: the darkFlash DLM21 White PC case.

What we really like about this case is that it has incorporated some of the most exciting features into a minimalist, elegant solution that keeps price reasonable. The hinged side-door swings open and closes via a magnet, making adjustments within the case easy and hassle-free. The front panel has a lowpoly design that is tasteful and interesting (although a bit of a copycat of Fractal Design Meshify C….), and the variety of fan placements at the front, top and back allow for plenty of different cooling solutions. And if you don’t like the logo on the PSU shroud/lowpoly front panel, darkFlash has the DLM22 White option that goes for an even more subtle design by removing those few aesthetic touches.

All-in-all, for a stunningly affordable $55(!), this case is another great choice for a more budget-conscious mATX builder.

Best High-end SFF (ITX) White PC Case

InWin A1 Plus White

For more advanced builders, extreme space-savers, or portable PC builders, the SFF (small-form-factor) ITX PC case is the only option. These mini-ATX designs range from the ridiculously small DAN A4-SFX v4.1 that comes in at a remarkable 7.2L, to the much larger Fractal Design Nano S at 27L, and offer different challenges when it comes to fitting all your components into such a compact space. Our recommendation comes in somewhere in-between, and should be plenty compact while not being a torture test for the builder. For best SFF (ITX) white PC case at the high-end, we recommend the InWin A1 Plus.

This case is really one of the most feature-rich available on the market. It comes with a PSU and a Qi charging unit built in, as well as two RGB fans and an acrylic bottom to let some lighting through. The front is quite subtle and the inside is well-laid out, allowing enough airflow with the right set-up to keep heat to a reasonable level, which is often difficult in these ITX builds. Reviewers like GamersNexus have great things to say and we have no reason to disagree, the combination of features, build quality, and design make this an easy recommendation in the ITX field, even if there are plenty of other options to consider.

The only downside to this bad boy is the price. Almost all reviews conclude by saying that this case is really great, but at $200, pretty expensive. At that price, you begin entering into the realm of very very expensive custom-made cases like the Ghost Louque S1. But if you do not yet have a PSU or fans, the inclusion of these two components can help make the price more bearable, especially considering everything you get for that $200. If the design calls to you and you can swing the budget, the A1 Plus really is an impressive white case.

Best Budget SFF (ITX) White PC Case

Thermaltake Core v1 Snow Edition White PC Case

Even as we wrote about the A1 Plus, we knew that $200 would be a tough sell for many builders. But the ITX form factor is alive and well, and there are plenty of options to choose from, even if we limit ourselves only to white cases. And amongst these, one stands out as a tried-and-true option that keeps the compact size of the ITX while still offering a great build environment: the Thermaltake Core V1 Snow.

The Core V1 might not be the smallest of all ITX cases, but it still plenty compact and uses the space well, offering plenty of connections and 2.5”/3.5” removable bays for storage, or to remove to have space for even more cooling options. The design is attractive, relying on a mesh-looking grill rather than a window to add some flare while maximizing the amount of airflow through the case. And best of all, this very reliable brand priced this ITX case at a very compelling $65, making it a perfect budget option for an SFF builder focused on a white theme.


While finding certain core components in white is not always easy (looking at you, motherboard manufacturers), cases in all sizes are easily findable in all-white or mostly white versions. The aesthetics of the minimalistic design that many of these white cases focus on are perfect for a builder that is going for a specific theme or just prefers the clean white look to the much more common all-black of many PC cases.

Once you’ve picked your form factor, our recommendations above should offer the budget-conscious and budget-less builder the best choices available for their next build, combining design, performance, and features into one great package to help you make the most of your next PC.

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