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About PremiumBuilds

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PremiumBuilds is different. We’ve collected decades of PC building experience across our writing and testing team to make this site a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to build their own PC. We’re independent, unbiased and fiercely focused on getting you the best PC for your needs. We’re not loyal to brands, we’re loyal to you. We realise that the wealth of specifications and information about components can be overwhelming for someone who just wants to make sure they’re getting the best PC. We’ve cut through the noise to focus on the things that matter. We dedicate our time to finding the best products and ensuring they’re compatible, high performance and offer great value. You can trust our recommendations in the knowledge that if we wouldn’t spend our own money on it, we won’t recommend it to you.

Our Aims

Here at Premiumbuilds we are committed to getting you the best value for money. Many sites publish standardised benchmark results and they can be useful to gauge a products performance vs its peers. We take a different and more directly relevant approach. We seek to answer the question ‘does this product perform well in the real world?’ 

Why Trust Us?

Here at PremiumBuilds, our aim is to get you the best PC for your money. We have bought, tested and evaluated hardware from all manufacturers so that we can come to an unbiased opinion on what is best for any given situation. 

By looking carefully at the balance of cost, performance and features we specify components and builds that we believe represent the best the market has to offer. 

The whole PremiumBuilds team consists of PC hardware enthusiasts, gamers and everything in between – spanning decades of PC building experience through pure enthusiasm. If you want to get an honest, reliable and comprehensive, no-fluff response on how to build the best possible computer for your goals, then we are here to help you on achieving that. and its associated brand is owned by Ives Media Group Ltd.

Benchmark & Testing Methodology

Testing for the Real World

We put a lot of effort into rigorous testing that gives results that will help you make a purchasing decision. We test parts in relation to their competitors and in circumstances in which you’d expect them perform well or would be disappointed if they didn’t. Once we’ve conducted those tests we present the information in an easy to digest format that cuts straight to the core questions.

Intel Core i9-10850K R6s RAM Scaling

Testing Methodology

We will always be open about our testing methods. We explain the variables we have controlled and those we have not been able to. In some instances testing throws up results we don’t expect and we do our best to investigate and explain these.

We test GPUs at resolutions and settings they’re well suited to find real-world performance differences – or similarities. We conduct CPU testing with our most powerful GPUs to highlight the difference in performance potential, and try and control RAM settings wherever possible to test on a level playing field. In all our tests we will explain our methodologies so that they are fair, transparent and verifiable. 

Product Recommendation Methodology

How do we pick products to recommend?

Ultimately we’re always asking ourselves the question “Would we spend our own money on this component?” And if the answer is no, we won’t recommend it. Where we do make a recommendation, we’ll advise you on the sort of usage it’s suited for. You can look at our test results to gauge performance and assess if it will meet your expectations or if an alternative does the job better for you. 

We’re also open to suggestions for improvement, so if there’s something you’d like to see us do differently please contact us and we’ll try to accommodate you!

Our product selection criteria broken down by category


We consider a number of factors when recommending CPUs to you. Primarily we look at performance in the type of tasks the CPU will be used for. We examine a broad range of benchmarks and our own testing in relation to gaming. Where appropriate we use detailed benchmarking in productivity suites and multi-core tests when that is relevant to a CPUs intended usage. Value is also a primary consideration and any CPU we recommend must offer class-leading value for money or performance that justifies a higher price tag. Finally, we consider how it integrates into the rest of a proposed system, factoring in concerns like the level of cooling or power supply required to build an effective PC using the CPU in question. You can be sure we’re only recommending you the very best current offerings for your PC. 


Motherboards form the core of your system so whilst it’s tempting to buy the cheapest option, we consider the entire specification to recommend the best options. In higher-performance PCs, particularly Intel systems, a motherboard must have adequate voltage regulation circuitry to support power-hungry CPUs. We’ll work out what chipset offers the features and performance that best suit the build. Inbuilt expansion options like the number and specification of RAM, m.2 and PCIe slots are important. We’ll always consider if a motherboard has the Input and output options you need, such as adequate high-speed USB connectivity or WiFi. Finally, we’ll judge on form factor, price and of course aesthetics to ensure you’re getting a motherboard that facilitates not only the best build now, but the best upgrade experience in future. 


No PC should be without an SSD but the detailed specifications can get confusing. We recommend SSD’s based on performance, price, value and suitability for the tasks in consideration. For SATA SSD’s we ensure the drive has a DRAM cache to assist performance and offers great value and a reputation for reliability. NVMe is the current standard to aim for, and we’ll consider performance and price as well as the feature set. For higher-end drives, the nature of the controller, NAND (solid-state memory) type and caching methods can impact performance in some cases so we assess that as well. Drive endurance is important although all quality SSDs will last many years. We only recommend drives with a good track record for reliability and strong warranty support so you’re covered if anything does go wrong. 


RAM is a key component of the system both in terms of functionality and performance. You need the right quantity for your proposed use. Selecting the optimal speed of RAM for your chosen CPU and setting it up correctly can significantly boost the performance potential of your PC. We conduct our own in house testing of RAM speeds and configuration to inform our recommendations. We also read widely, checking trusted sites dedicated to overclocking to identify potential real-world performance gains. Taking all of this information we balance the cost of higher performance RAM with the ease of set up. This allows us to make recommendations that hit the sweet spot and get you the best system performance without excessive cost or time spent manually optimising RAM settings. 


When we recommend graphics cards we consider the value the GPU offers within its market segment. We look at the performance to ensure it performs in line with its peers and price point. We assess the cooling solution for both effectiveness and noise as well as the size of the card. We check the output options and power supply requirements to ensure the GPU offers flexibility and doesn’t require expensive additional components that aren’t consistent with its cost or performance. We also consider manufacturer support and warranty so you have the peace of mind that if there’s a problem with this expensive component, you’ll be supported by the manufacturer. 


To recommend a case we deep dive into the specifications to ensure that our recommendations offer the best balance of price, noise, cooling performance and ease of building or customisation. A case might seem to be a simple box but we know from experience that the best cases add real value to a build. They come with all the accessories you need to build your PC as well as good instructions. We consider the fans supplied in relation to the proposed cooling needs of a build and recommend additional fans if they’re required. We look at features like connectivity options, construction type and dust filtration as well as airflow. If it’s recommended as part of a complete build we check clearances and fit for the other components we recommend – but please double-check particularly if you customise the build to your own preferences.

Power supplies

High-quality Power supplies are vital for a reliable high-performance PC. Good and bad products exists across different manufacturers and price points and we hunt hard to highlight the best options to you.  Our research extends to checking in-depth technical reviews as well as user reports. We check things like supplied cables, power ratings and the type of fan and fan operation. We consider the whole package, from quality of design and manufacture to efficiency and length of warranty. This ensures you’re getting the best you can afford and a power supply that complements the intended system perfectly.

How do we make money and how can you support us?

The main way we generate revenue is when you buy a product after clicking a link to a retailer, such as (like this one), where we earn a small commission if you end up purchasing the product.

If you are finding the content we are producing here at PremiumBuilds useful, and you would like to support us, the easiest way to do this is through using our links. These will not cost you anything extra but will help us pay for our server costs, content production and help expand the website.

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We are a small team here at PremiumBuilds working hard to offer you, the reader, the best, most concise and up-to-date PC-building advice on the internet.


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