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Best Tempered Glass PC Cases for 2021

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best tempered glass pc cases

best tempered glass pc cases

If you got an RGB variant of every PC component you can find waiting in your PC parts list, and you can’t wait till you’re able to sit back and enjoy the hardware’s glorious panoramic RGB light show – you know that you’re first going to need a case, and preferably one featuring a see-through tempered glass (TG) display.

Tempered glass allows for better noise containment, over plastic or aluminum, is scratch resistant, and of course looks amazing, as it allows you to display your RGB hardware to its maximum effect. The downside to tempered glass cases is that they are a bit more expensive, but the money is definitely worth it for something you know will last you for years to come.

A good case is one that will have a nice, clean, design – allowing for good cable management – and have the appropriate storage capacity depending on your need and the capabilities of your motherboard. Most importantly, it must allow (or contain) the best case-fans to fit in properly, so you can have the best airflow design that you can get. Maintaining the proper temperatures for your system is paramount. If the included fans have some extra RGB flair, then of course we’re all for that too.

So, let’s get into it. What are the best tempered glass PC cases you can buy in 2020, depending on your build?

Best Tempered Glass PC Cases – Our Recommendations

Best Micro ATX Tempered Glass Case

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB

The Corsair Crystal 280X RGB micro-ATX case has three tempered glass surfaces – top, side, and front – so its display is second to none for its size. It has a good amount of storage, allowing for two 3.5” and three 2.5” storage drives, and in terms of cooling: six 120mm fans or three 240mm radiators (front, top, and bottom) for liquid cooling. To minimize cable clutter, it has a dual-chamber layout which allows you to fit your PSU into a dedicated rear chamber.

Where this case shines, though, is the cooling. First-off, it has three different dust filters on the front, the roof, and the floor of the case, so dust accumulation won’t be significant enough to heat your system for long periods of time. Next, the way it’s designed allows for cool air from the fans to be directed to the hottest PC hardware units – and the onboard fans it has are top of the line. It includes two Corsair LL120 RGB fans, which are the best 120mm RGB fans you can find, with 43.25 CFM of airflow and an amazing-for-the-size 1.61mm H2O of static pressure. These are also some of the best-looking RGB case fans out there, so definitely a great addition (not to mention added value) to the case.

You can currently find the Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Micro-ATX case for $150, and in two color variants: white or black.

Best Budget Mini ITX Tempered Glass Case


If you want to go even smaller than the micro-ATX, then this mini-ITX case is an amazing way to show off your PC components in a small package. If you aren’t yet accustomed to mini-ITX, or have allocated too much money towards the hardware components (can’t blame you for that), then you might be looking for a case on a budget. For that, we’ve got you covered with the NZXT H210 case for SFF builds.

This budget mini-ITX case has great value for its price. It comes with a side panel of tempered glass, and weighs only 5.9 kilograms (13 pounds). In terms of storage, it allows for a respectable three 2.5” and one 3.5” storage drives, as well as four 120mm fans (2x front, 1x top – included, 1x rear – also included), or if you prefer water cooling, it allows for two front 120mm (or one 240mm), as well as one rear 120mm radiators. For cable management, it has NZHT’s patented cable routing kit which comes with pre-installed channels to run your cables through, as well as straps to hold them in place.

The fans that are included are NZXT Aer P 120mm case-fans which run up to 2000 RPM and offer up to an amazing 2.93mmH2O of static pressure, best placed on heat-sinks or radiators to better dissipate their heat. The downside of these fans is that they can be quite noisy, as they can reach up to 36 dBA, which is quite audible. The cooling that these two units supply may not be flashy, as they don’t have RGB lighting, but they will sufficiently keep your hardware nice and cool.

The best feature of this case, is its price, as it you can find the NZXT H210 ITX case for just under $80.

Best Overall Mini-ITX Tempered Glass Case


Next, the best overall mini-ITX tempered glass case money can buy in 2020 is hands-down the NZXT H1.

This case is amazing, both in value and in style. This small case can hold full-sized 2-fan GPUs, and it comes with several pre-installed components. It has a toolless SSD tray, an integrated 650W 80 Plus Gold rated PSU (upwards of 87% efficiency), a built-in AIO 140mm cooler, pre-routed power cables, and finally a PCIe rise card which allows for a vertical mounting of your GPU.

For better cooling, it has a dual-chamber airflow, allowing for both positive and negative pressure, which betters the heat dispersion of the hardware. Its compact size makes it look both modern and professional, but the tempered glass allows you to add some extra RGB flair to it. Overall a great vertical-design case for your mini-ITX setup; even for its $350 price tag.

Best RGB Tempered Glass Case

Corsair Obsidin 500D RGB SE

Let’s increase the size from the micro-and-mini-ITX cases, to a mid-tower with an amazing RGB display right out of the box; this is the Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB mid-tower case.

Like the Corsair Crystal 280X RGB Micro-ATX, this case also comes with top-quality Corsair LL120mm RGB fans – three of them this time, to match the increase in size. In regards to capacity, it can hold six 120mm, or four 140mm case fans & one 120mm case fan, and it comes with removable fan and radiator trays that are really useful for the easy installation of cooling units.

It features three smoked-tempered glass panels doors, that can easily be opened, to add or remove components at will, or clean the inside of the case. In fact, it also comes with three removable dust filters (front, floor, and roof) which really help maintain a clean case. PSU and cable covers an added plus for cable management.

The extra kick it offers, is the integrated Commander PRO, which allows for RGB lighting and fan control of up to 6 PWM fans – which you can control using the iCUE software interface.

You can find the Corsair Obsidian 500D RGB SE in the $280 price range, and considering that the fans Corsair LL120 RGB fans alone cost nearly $115(!), it’s a great deal.

Best Premium Tempered Glass Case

Lian Li PC-O11DX Dynamic

This next case – the Lian Li PC-011DX Dynamic – is pretty expensive, and it doesn’t come with any preinstalled fans, but boy does it make up for it in quality and customizability.

This case has two panels of tempered glass, one on the side and one in the front, and can hold a ton of cooling units. It can hold nine 120mm, or six 140mm fans; and for radiators in can hold up to three 360mm radiators without interference. It also has dual-PSU capability as well six SSD and three HDD capacity.

For cable management it has an angled motherboard tray and a back-side cable management bar seal. All this, together with four magnetic dust filters provide unparallel cleanliness for your system.

What really sets this case apart is the customization it allows and the high-quality materials that come with it. You can currently find this case for $135, and since that price is for the case alone, meaning it does not include fans, it may be a bit steep – but the end-result will definitely be worth it.

Best Looking Tempered Glass PC Case

Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X

The next case is unique, has its own RGB lighting, and has a great price-value ratio. We’re speaking of course, of the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X.

As mentioned, this case comes with integrated digital RGB illumination on the front and side. It also is equipped with three 140mm Phanteks cooling fans which offer a respectable 82.51 CFM of airflow. If you aren’t satisfied with that, it allows for a ton of fans.

Seven 120mm, or six 140mm fans can be placed on this unit – though it is better designed for liquid cooling. It has a modular radiator bracket for an easy setup, as well as integrated fill & drain ports for easy maintenance. The front can hold a 140x420mm radiator, the top a 120x360mm, and the back a 120mm or 140mm radiators.

For storage devices: it can hold six SSDs, with the ability to upgrade to 9, and four 3.5” HDDs, with the ability to upgrade to ten. It also allows for a dual-motherboard setup, with an ITX on top, and ATX on the side. To help maintain all these units, it has dual-lane cable ties with a quick-release and fastening system to keep everything organized. This is one of – if not the – best cases in regards to cable management. Let’s not forget, it has two tempered glass door panels, so you can view your setup, in and out, in all its glory.

You can currently find the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X case for just under $200.

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